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The professional team of paint correction and detailing at Euro America F1 Detailing Corp understands that South Florida has different types of car owners, lifestyle and driving habits demand different levels of automotive maintenance. That is why Euro America F1 has created a personal version with the maintenance of all types of vehicles, and offers a wide range of detail skills, benefits and experience, are imperatives for our success.

Paint Correction Specialists

It is natural that with use, cars will show wear and tear, especially on the outside because that is the part that is exposed to the weather conditions everyday: UV rays, rain, sand, solid particles and mosquitoes that the wind drags in and of course the scratches caused by parking mishaps or because of an error in judging distances.

All of these problems can now be corrected thanks to the development of a new cutting-edge technology for automotive finish maintenance. At Euro America F1, we help you to keep your car looking like new, with the help of the best certified and experienced professionals, using the best products and tools to restore your car back like it was when it was new.

Care for Classic and Exotic Cars

Cars obviously have a practical function, but we know that there are dedicated fans of unique classic and luxury cars and we love to please them. That is why we specialize in the care of classic and exotic luxury cars.

The quality of our products guarantees durability, the experience and knowledge of our professionals guarantee a job well done, so you can bring us your car with confidence, because we know what it means to you. Euro America F1 Detailing offers a unique experience both for you and for your car.

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