1 – Scratch & Swirl Removal

Instead of paying much more to get a new paint job, I offer 2 choices of car paint correction service to reduce defects, scratches, and swirls 75% to 95%. Standard package is 75% and Advanced is 95%, both including 1 year premium wax and sealant paint protection after corrected.

Factory clear coat is 3 times less durable and shiny than our 5 year ceramic coating option, so getting swirls is reasonably easy to do by simple automatic car washes or using a rag that could of a spec of dirt in it as you wipe or dry your car. By correcting the paint, I am using specific buffing pads and machines to remove the defected layers of paint to reveal the fresh layers underneath to be protected better this time than it was before.

Wax and sealant won’t prevent from hard scratches, but it will slick the surface preventing friction and anything grabbing onto as easy to scratch it. Not all scratches are possible to remove, as removing too much defects can strip the UV protection and harm the paint worse. This is where our percentage of correction is key to remove only the safest amount to reap all of the benefits to your car without delving into the risky territory where a non detailing professional might accidentally cross that line. Many cars could use automotive paint correction and the owner might not realize it.

​2- Increase Your Vehicle’s Value

The best way to increase your car’s value is a vehicle paint correction service, as it on average will boost it up by around ~20% depending on the make and model. The amount you spend on getting the car exterior corrected will be paid for and make you more back when selling it or trading it in down the road.

3- Longer Paint Protection & Deeper Shine

Besides decreasing defects by 75% to 95%, correcting the car’s exterior plays a big role in how long and effective the protection bond is and the quality of shine it carries. Any type of hidden or deep ingrained dirt that doesn’t come out from regular cleaning and detailing, will deflect light causing it to become more dull over time as you drive it. Car washes won’t work very well as they aren’t able to use a clay bar and then perform paint correction after.

When there is no light being deflected from the deep ingrained contaminants being removed, the shine depth becomes amazing. Also, the protection bond becomes much stronger to keep your vehicle looking pristine and regular car washes will seem like they are working incredibly well now. This all happens for years and years after it is completed also.

4- Enables Upgrade To Premium Ceramic Car Coating Exterior Detailing Package

The trick about ceramic coating lasting 5 times as long as most waxes and sealants is that besides it being a strong chemical, it requires extensive prep work before it can be applied correctly without error.

Now is the time to upgrade to our 5 Year Ceramic Car Coating Package as it will already be ready to be done at this point anyway. Not only will you get 5x the durability and shine depth, ceramic coating for cars dramatically prevents scratches, chips, sun damage oxidation, acid rain, and other paint harming contaminants from happening in the first place. It won’t be saved in an accident, but it will guard against many things that factory clear coat and wax can never accomplish.

You can buy a spin off one that works as a spray wax type of deal, but it won’t last nearly as long or hold up over time. Ours is strong, as I found out the hard way by inhaling the chemicals accidentally while applying and was in the hospital and put on steroids. The stuff doesn’t come off with high speeds or 1000’s of car washes, and should be carefully applied. Besides that, the results are amazing and the shine depth quality is is today’s best technology when it comes to premium car care.

5- Car Paint Correction Service Done Right At Your Home or Office

Quality is important to us, and so is convenience of service. This is why we offer coming to your home or office to complete all of our detailing packages. Schedule an appointment with us.