Euro America F1 Detailing

Their days are full of business meetings, family activities and a variety of mandates and social commitments. Carrying your vehicle to detail, taking time to wait for those tires or bumpers to be repaired, or sitting in a waiting room while a technician installs that attractive looking window film is all you need and want to do, but just do not You can justify the time!

Sophisticated Detailing

Our VIP clients deserve VIP service! At Euro America F1, we know it, so we developed a line of VIP services worthy of your luxury car.
We guarantee a complete, high quality service experience and of course we use only the best cleaning products and coatings on the market. In addition, we use only top of the line tools, delivering impeccable service in the hands of highly qualified certified experienced professionals. Come live the Euro America VIP experience!


The Ceramic Coating Service for cars offered by Euro America F1 give you a guaranteed protective shield against external damage to which your luxury car may be subjected.
It would be a pity if a scratch makes a deep indention on your hood, bumpers, wheels or tires. These types of accidents that happen sometimes cannot be avoided, nor controlled, but they can be minimized if we protect the car with a ceramic top coating.
In Euro America F1, we have this service for clients like you, who know that it is better to be prepared for situations that we cannot control.




Custom car wraps and designs are a growing trend, not only because they allows you the ability to personalize your car and show off your personality and the things that identify you, but because they also protect your car from the ongoing deterioration caused by exposure to weather conditions and those mishaps that occur while driving.
In Euro America F1, we guarantee results that exceed your expectations, helping you stand out from the rest. Our Custom Wrap Designs give a personal and unique touch to your luxury car while protecting your investment.

Windshield Protective Film




. I’m so happy with the results, these people are so professional and responsible

Mike M.

Mike M.

I’m satisfied

Cathy M.

Cathy M.

Superior service! They took care of my Mercedes paying attention to every detail. I feel my SUV like new again. These guys definitely know what they are doing.

Freddy I.

Freddy I.